Community Engagement

Public Meetings

With a high level of experience and expertise in organizing and facilitating highly contentious public meetings, Keep Cool Consulting can help any government, non-profit or other organization with all aspects. We can assist environmental and construction firms with government contracts, recognizing you are often on the frontline as experts at these contentious meetings.

Jeni has extensive experience facilitating public meetings for emergency response, including wildland fire and environmental disasters, that often includes Facebook Live and other important considerations.

There are many critical logistics that go into setting up a public meeting that you don’t want to leave to chance. With years of experience and hundreds of meetings, we bring many lessons to help keep you from making critical mistakes or overlooking something.

Community Engagement

Community engagement can take many forms, but often involves a combination of meetings, hearings, listening sessions, social media outreach, attending events and really hearing and listening to the public. Jeni can work with you to create community engagement plans for government organizations that reach your citizens, solicit feedback and garner involvement that will help you implement community ideas and gain trust.

People standing around before a public meeting.
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