Clear, succinct writing is part of the foundation of an organization’s communications. From blogs to social media, websites and emails, reports and more, Jeni has the expertise and experience to write specialized content for your organization. Whether you are a government agency, a non-profit organization or for-profit business, ensuring you succeed with trustworthy and credible content is our mission.

Having someone that knows and understands the value and importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so your content can be found and trusted is critical. Our services include writing for a variety of platforms in styles best suited for your organization.

Laptop and someone writing in a notebook.

We also have extensive experience writing press releases that generate media stories, as well as speech writing, ghost writing, letters-to-the-editor, presentations, and communication policies (including social media policies).

Additionally, we provide editing services for whatever writing you need to have a second eye on. Someone once said, it’s much harder to write original content than it is to edit it. To truly have a good end product, it is a collaborative process.

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